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June 22, 2009
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James and Sarah by dinosapien James and Sarah by dinosapien
More experimenting with colored pencils and perminant markers :meow: Please ignore the crappy quality, the scanner destroyed it T-T

I love this show :) In case any one of you don't know who these characters are, they are from the show Liberty's Kids. The show takes place in colonial times (Revolutionary War) when these two characters along with some other fictional characters (if I said their names you wouldn't have any clue) write for a newspaper for Benjamin Franklin. And YES, it is more like some educational show for kids because they are actually involved in events that actually happened in the 18th century of colonial America. Plus, the actual people involved in the Revolutionary War played roles in the episodes. I don't care if it's a cartoon, this show is really great. It's one of the very few shows these days that SHOULDN'T have been canceled.

James and Sarah here are supposily best friends, if you could say that. They hate each others' guts and constantly argue throughout the show (which is funny as hell), and EVERYBODY knows they like each other, even though it isn't proved in the show (there's a few hints such as this: [link]). James is a 14-year-old American, while Sarah is a 15-year-old British girl. She came to America in the first place to find her father or something like that, and she had to stay with James, an eight year old French boy named Henri with a big appetite and gets into trouble like every young boy, and an African American named Moses (no, not the Hebrew :XD:), who bought his freedom by working as a blacksmith. I haven't seen all the eps, but I really want to!! :tears: Why didn't I watch this when it was still on T.V.? Oh, yeah... I didn't care about Social Studies until NOW :roll:

So, in dedication I decided to draw something like this. And plus, this is my first time drawing some sort of kissing scene EVER. So, I'm quite proud of the results.

I have drawn these characters before not too long ago in their easy 'style', but this ended up being more realistic, which is more like my style then what it's supposed to be in the show. It was my goal to make it more like my style, yet the characters are still easily recognizable. I think I made Sarah more attractive in my picture :D And trust me, drawing Sarah is not a day at the beach. I erased her freggin face constantly because I can't seem to draw female cartoon characters because they animated them too gracefully!!! :shakefist: It is very frustrating... >< But thankfully she was realitively easy for this drawing.

James isn't too bad either, and I've done him in a more realistic way as well, but he is WAY easier then Sarah. I am fully capable of drawing male characters because I find them easier then women. Female bodies are super easy, but their faces... er... not so much.

I constantly had to find references by going on Youtube and watching the episodes to study their movements and such. I pressed that wonderful prnt scrn button on my keyboard to make screenshots from the characters to get the shapes right. I happened to catch points in time when they had their heads sideways ;) And I found this lovely picture on Google that helped me with this scene: [link] Guess which one I used.

GAH! This is a very, very, very, very, very, very long comment box thingy!!! :P On to the Disclaimer I guess...

Liberty's Kids belongs to DIC Entertainment, not me. If it did, it would still be AIRING and there would be more SARAHJAMES!!!!!

That is all.
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I really liked the show when it aired a decade ago on PBS Kids :D I also liked the james/Sarah moments :) (Epsecialy that one moment when they were going to get killed but lie about them ebing fiances :D) Also, I read your author's notes and I really LOVE THIS ARTWORK!
I'm glad my sketch helped you draw this. You did a great job =)
superstarwordgirl Apr 18, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
wwwwwwwwwaaaayyyyyyyyyyy awesome! I adore this, I adore this, I adore this.

Not just becuase it's of one of my fave fictional couples from one of THE greatest PBS cartoons ever, but it looks great too! Excellent! Faved in a heartbeat.:D
DuchessAliana Feb 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely adore this. I especially love their expressions. Just says :heart: :heart: :heart: all over. :D
I LOVE THIS. love liberty's kids.
the link didnt work!! :( but i love the drawing
i would love you if you drew another picture like this, it would really make my day ^_^
[link] this is real good, you NEED to draw more :D
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