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If you met an alien, what would you do? 

3 deviants said Ask if he has a blue box to go on adventures with :icontardisplz:
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No deviants said Introduce yourself and shake his/her/their hand :)
No deviants said AAAAHHHHHHH ALIEN!!!!1 KILL IT!!1
No deviants said Contact the government
No deviants said Ask him/her/them for coffee ;) Give 'em your number, make out with them in the corner...
No deviants said You don't care
No deviants said Destroy Earth with them


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Monster High - General Review

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 12, 2015, 12:54 PM

● ๏ ∂яαcσ's journal ๏ ●

It's been a while since my last entry due to being in school and also being sick, but while I've been doing that I've been watching a lot of Netflix.  That being said, of course I stumble on the Monster High movies and I started watching them as a joke.  Mainly because my sister and I wanted to laugh about something.

What I didn't expect was to find that it's not that bad, and can be thought provoking if a bit silly.  It's meant for a younger audience, but the animation and music is actually pretty good.  Being tumblr trash, the majority of the names of these characters make me laugh because they are all puns or a twist of a pop culture name we've heard before.  It may seem annoying to some, but I think this entertaining for what it is.  And that's all I have to say about the whole thing in general: it's harmless entertainment.

The best thing I like about it, though, is its overall motto.  It's a rule of acceptance no matter the "freaky flaw".  It's been done to death in popular media, but it's still a nice message, and what better way to show that message than through a school that mixes every monster known to man while other schools are segregated?  For crying out loud, they even have interracial couples!  Yeeeaaahhh okay, ones a werewolf (who's black) and the other is a vampire (who's white), but it's still pretty interesting how they decided to pair together what a lot of older generations would deem inappropriate or would otherwise not accept.  Even most of the villain characters are given second chances instead of being thrown to the side.  It would have made more sense if they stayed in character and continued to be bad, but a lot of the times they end up being apart of the Monster High tradition of equality and join the team. 

Not only that, but it's quite feminist in how they portray the characters and the goals they aim for, considering most of the characters in the Monster High franchise are female.  Of course the character designs are all copy and paste, and the characters individually can be a bit stale, but the same holds true for the male characters, too.  I think that's more of a budget thing rather than what the creators are going for.  And to be frank, I don't think that's a bad thing.  They remind me a lot of the Bratz dolls, only with much more character and creativity than they EVER had.  In many scenarios, even when the female characters are generic female characters who love clothes and say "hashtag" out loud, they are represented as having minds of their own and it's great to see them stand up for themselves, especially if the male characters are being unfair towards them.  Of all places, I'm seeing this type of equality from a show about monsters going to high school, and I think that's great.

Is it good?  Probably not.  But is it at least entertaining?  Yes.  If you want something cute to watch with some decent writing, then watching the Monster High movies won't lose you some brain cells.  They're a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine :)

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